Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

No sorry, US shipping only. I may start shipping to Canada soon.

How often do you update your shop?

I don’t have a set schedule at this time, but I try to update my shop once every 1-2 months. Please follow me on Instagram to find out when my shop updates are and/or sign up for my mailing list. To make sure you do not miss an IG post from me: On my Instagram profile, click on: Following > Notifications > Turn on post notifications and story notifications.

How will I know what will be in your shop update?

I make PREVIEW posts on my Instagram account in my stories a day before my sale of all the items that will be in the update with their prices.

Do you do custom orders or special requests? Will you make an exception for me?

NO. I’m sorry I know you want a certain item but with purple glaze or a certain image but I cannot do this. It costs me a lot more time and money and takes away from production of my own work. All artists have different ideas about custom work, for me, I will not do any custom work. I also won’t do any special requests. If you want a particular piece from me, you’ll have to wait till I post it in my shop.

I won’t even make custom pieces for my mom

Will you make more of [certain design]?

I have a lot of ideas so I tend to make a series and move on to something else. I do have some popular pieces that I continue to revisit such as plague doctor mugs, jack o’lanterns, and cemetery eye mugs.

How can I get a jack o'lantern?

I make jack o'lanterns every fall. My aim is to make 100. They are all one of a kind. Each comes with a LED light and a certification card. I will have 2 updates in September/October. They are first come, first serve like the rest of my releases.

Are your pieces food, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe?

Unless otherwise stated on my listings, all my work is food, microwave and oven SAFE. The only pieces which are not food, oven or microwave safe are items with any sort of metallic luster on them or if there is a textured glaze on the inside of the piece. I typically do not make pieces like this.

I advise not putting my pottery - or any handmade pottery - in the dishwasher to extend the life of the piece.