Image by blkk hand

Image by blkk hand


Artist Statement

My handcrafted ceramics play with the tension between aesthetics and functionality. Sculptural elements infuse the utilitarian pieces with beauty, texture, and narrative. Humor, mythology, and drama are built into the imagery, and sometimes functionality gives way to dysfunctional form in the spirit of Dada and absurdity.

My work as a librarian and exposure to rare books is deeply influential with an ongoing discovery of historical design, illustration, and prints. Art nouveau motifs often find their way into my work and the influence of organic life, especially ocean life. Renaissance woodcuts, Victorian illustrations, and surrealism appear in playful ways and are translated into my pottery through sgraffito, mishima techniques, painting and sculpting. My work is described as whimsical, satirical, illustrative and ethereal.

art Membership

A Conspiracy of Strange Girls

Chester County Art Association

American Craft Council

Founder & curator

Darksome: Pennsylvania Dark Art & Craft Market